中国共产党的故事 浙江双语宣介片来了!9个数字揭开浙江9张“金名片” ...

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  The rolling billows of the Qiantang River tides bear witness to how Zhejiang has become what it is today.


  A couple of millennia back, it was the cradle of the ancient Wu and Yue culture, a place long known for its favourable location and fascinating landscape in southeast China together with a kaleidoscope of flourishing cultures.


  One hundred years back, it was the place from which the tiny Red Boat of the Chinese Revolution set sail, giving birth to the giant Party today.


  Four decades back, it was one of the provinces in China that pioneered reform and opening-up.


  Fast forward to the dawn of the new millennium. It was the very place where Comrade Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, put forward the Double-Eight Strategy, which inaugurated the advance exploration in practicing in a single province Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Adhering to the vision of innovative, coordinated, green, and open development for all as inherent in the Double-Eight Strategy, Zhejiang has undergone three leapfrog transformations, from a big provincial economy to a strong one ; from a participant in domestic and international opening up to an integral member of the global economy; and from a province living in generally moderate prosperity to the one living in greater prosperity in all respects . A happy and comfortable home for all is taking shape in Zhejiang.


  Now, let us get to know more about this province by uncovering the nine “numerical hallmarks”. These hallmarks, all initiated as the brainchild of General Secretary Xi Jinping during his tenure in Zhejiang, represent the results of continuous work and innovative efforts of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee of successive terms. They also constitute invaluable political, intellectual and material assets accrued in Zhejiang’s faithful implementation of the Double-Eight Strategy and vigorous endeavour to build itself into “the important showcase”.


  The first hallmark is the figure “1”. It refers to the digital economy, the “No. 1 Project” of Zhejiang. This hallmark symbolises innovation and a cloud-based future for Zhejiang. The added value of Zhejiang's digital economy will reach RMB 4 trillion yuan by 2022, accounting for more than 55% of its regional GDP.


  The second hallmark is the figure “3”, referring to the three major transformations driven by digitisation in mode of production, lifestyle, and governance method. Hence comes the “integrated smart governance” hallmark of Zhejiang. “Please show your health code” has become the most familiar reminder you hear when entering public places as COVID-19 prevention and control is on a regular basis. This inconspicuous QR code was first originated in Hangzhou. By creatively applying the combined data of “the map, the code and the index”, Zhejiang has built a smart and sophisticated digital wall against the pandemic. Across the province, you may just log on APPs like Zheliban and Zhezhengding, scan the enterprise code, security code and other QR codes, and experience mobile municipal services, mobile office and even mobile governance.


  The third hallmark is the figure “6789”, referring to the status of private economy in Zhejiang, which contributes over 60% of the province’s regional GDP, 70% of taxes, 80% of exports and employment, and 90% of the total number of companies.

  第四个数字是70%,这是浙江目前的城市化率,揭示了“高水平均衡协调发展”这张金名片的含金量。让更多人在城市里享受到现代文明,并把城市文明向农村辐射,推动城乡居民收入持续提高。 2020年,浙江城乡居民收入水平已经分别连续第20年和第36年位列全国各省区首位。

  The forth hallmark is 70%, the current urbanisation rate of Zhejiang, which speaks volumes about the true essence of the province’s hallmark of “high-standard, balanced and coordinated development”. Great strides have been made to enable more urban dwellers to enjoy modern facilities, the influence of which then gradually reaches the rural areas. Meanwhile, both urban and rural residents’ income has kept increasing. In 2020, the income level of urban and rural residents ranked first among all provinces in China for the 20th and 36th consecutive years respectively.


  The fifth hallmark is the sum of “1+1”, referring to one domestic market and one international market. This relates to the new vision of Zhejiang to “pursue development outside the confines of geography”. In its efforts to become a strategic fulcrum to make the domestic circulation the mainstay and a strategic hub to ensure domestic and international circulations reinforce each other, Zhejiang is exploring an effective way to foster a new development paradigm. Eight million business people from Zhejiang are doing business all over the country and around the world. Yiwu, a small city in central Zhejiang, has become the largest small commodities trade centre in the world. Along the coast of East China Sea, more than 100 ships with a tonnage of over 10,000 tons call Ningbo-Zhoushan Port every day. The port’s cargo throughput has ranked first in the world for 12 consecutive years. Thanks to this port, Zhoushan, a city with no oil reserve, has managed to attract numerous oil and gas businesses from around the world, and thus having upgraded the China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone by leaps and bounds.


  The sixth hallmark is the figure “5”. The Zhejiang’s hallmark of “Cultural Highland” is buttressed by 5 fine cultures. The advanced culture spearheaded by the CPC’s theoretical innovations. The revolutionary culture represented by the Red Boat Spirit. The traditional culture originated from the historical heritage of Zhejiang. The innovative culture based on Zhejiang spirit, and the digital culture defined by the digital economy. These five fine cultures have injected the most profound and enduring impetus to the development of Zhejiang.


  The seventh hallmark is the figure “97.25%”, a percentage which speaks volumes about the province’s hallmark of “Peaceful Zhejiang and Law-based Zhejiang”. In 2020, polls indicated that people’s sense of security in Zhejiang reached 97.25%. This is a public acknowledgement of the Peaceful Zhejiang campaign for the past 16 consecutive years. Measures to improve governance at the grassroots have safeguarded public security of each and every neighbourhood, thus ensuring peace and tranquility across the society. This is a path to peace and tranquility with Zhejiang characteristics.


  The eighth hallmark is the figure “4”. There are four major “Poetry Routes”, the hallmark of a “Poetic and Picturesque Zhejiang”. Mountains and rivers green are mountains of silver and gold. Here in Zhejiang, we have small bridges over flowing water and magnificent mountains. They are all woven into beautiful landscapes captured by the poems composed along the four routes, depicting the picturesque sceneries of Zhejiang.


  The ninth hallmark is the figure “4 million plus”, which is the total CPC membership in Zhejiang. They are the part and parcel of the hallmark of “a contingent of upright and innovative cadres”. By striving for excellence and fulfilling their mission, these CPC members are distinguishing themselves in every ordinary post.


  In the new era, as the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 vision are unfolding, Zhejiang will continue to work on the 9 hallmarks, and open up the new journey towards a model province of socialist modernisation.


  This is Zhejiang, a province crowned with historic achievements and full of creative vitality. This is Zhejiang, a pioneer in showcasing the youthfulness of a centenarian Party, the great Party.

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